If you did not receive your reward from an advertisement, it is probably because you have multiple pages or tabs of Everskies open. If that is not the case, you could be trying to watch advertisements too quickly, or you could have seen the maximum amount of advertisements for the day. In addition, if you have an advertisement-blocker or ad-removal extension of any kind, that could be causing problems as well.  

If you experience multiple issues with advertisements over an extended period of time, we would recommend making sure that your ad-blocker is up to date and disabled, ensuring that you do not have more than one ad-blocking program, clearing your cache/cookies, and finally uninstalling your ad-blocking software and re-installing it to see if the problem gets resolved.

If you still encounter problems with advertisements after trying all of these options or if your problem is not mentioned here, please submit a ticket to us and include further details on what is happening.