Overall Design Rules:

Find all base resources HERE!

  • All items have to be created by you

    You are not allowed to re-size, edit, trace or transform existing images/outfits/designs into your design in any way shape or form. This rule applies to all images, even patterns as well as artwork made by others and clothing from other online games. It doesn't matter if the image is royalty-free or taken by yourself, you have to draw your design completely from scratch, you are also not allowed to use pre-made brushes and patterns.

    • You should not profit off others’ artwork/concepts/creations

      You should never profit off others' artwork/creations. Inspiration is most often allowed but copying and submitting others creations, an already existing character or similar is not allowed, unless you have permission to do so.

  • All items have to be usable for both bases

    Everything submitted, regardless of the currency, has to contain two variations, one to fit each of the bases (plus-size and minus-size base), unless the item already fits them both, some examples here being earrings, low shoes and makeup. Please ensure that the quality and fit is the same across both bases. If you make socks and they are over the knee on the minus-size base, they should also be over the knee on the plus-size base. 
  • Copyrighted items are not allowed

    It is not allowed to incorporate trademarked, copyrighted, or otherwise licensed characters, franchises, logos, iconography, artwork made by others, brands etc. in your design. This rule includes, but is not limited to, items/sets based on media/movie/game characters and brands. You might take inspiration from these by removing key elements and making significant changes, but we wouldn't advise you to do so.

    You are by no means allowed to recreate fictional and real characters / personalities onto Everskies. 

  • All submitted items have to be PG-13

    And of course adhere to our ROC and TOS. The following are not allowed: Excessive and/or too realistic depictions of gore, nudity and genitalia, references to illegal substances and other illegal activities. Weaponry is allowed to a certain extent, as long as the items are not implying harm to the user and do not include blood or gore or indicate a war zone. Some items are deemed too triggering or inappropriate for a 13+ audience despite not being in direct violation of the rules above, these items will be denied too, we have the final say.

    From 1st of November 2023 we do not allow any seperate blood items that can indicate injury. All slimy and red standalone items will not be approved and trying to bypass them as ketchup will no longer be possible. You are allowed to put blood stains on clothing items as long as it does not indicate injury. 

    Bandages with bloodstains: 
    From 1st of November 2023 we do not allow bandages with bloodstains. 

    Organs, scars and bruises: 
    From 1st of November 2023 we do not allow realistic organ depictions and realistic scars and bruises, cartoonish versions are however okay. 

  • Items have to meet Everskies' quality standards

    At Everskies we allow many different art- and shading styles, however at the end of the day we are a pixel dress-up platform which means that for most items we therefore require a solid 1x1 pixel outline (except for hairs and items that are fluffy or furry) but without double pixels and appropriate shading. It is also very important that you, as mentioned above, remember that our canvas size is 221x340 pixels and we do not recommend changing the size during the design process.

    If your submission is denied due to quality reasons, Voters or the team will try their best to explain where you can improve. Our biggest advice is to look through the shop before you begin your design adventure, to get an idea of the style and quality we are looking for. 

    Always make sure to:

    • Only submit your submissions as a "set" if it contains a full set. For example a combined pack of tattoees, hairstyles or jewelry is NOT a set and should not be marked as one.
    • If you submit a face/skin, make sure to check that all the 6 recolors match the base and that the schlera continues to stay bright throughout the recolors.
    • Separate your items from the base
    • Check for floating pixels outside your items
    • Check for double pixels
    • Check for pillow-shading
    • Check for uneven edges / messy outline
    • Check for overall blurriness
    • Double check your configuration of the individual items
    • Name your items properly
    • Tag your items properly
  • Do not include symbols in the item/skin names and name your items properly

    From 1st of November 2023: To accomodate screen readers, please do not use special characters while naming your items. You are allowed to use emotes to indicate collabs, alongside alphabets that are not Latin if neccesary for your item; an example here would be a t-shirt with a kanji on it, you would here be allowed to put the kanji in question in the item name. 

Overall Skin/Head/Makeup/Body Rules:

  • You have to include all 6 base skin-tones when submitting a face/skin

    Please pay close attention to the shading of the darker variations. Make sure that the glow, highlights and the scleras stay light.

  • When submitting makeup it either has to work with all 6 base skin-tones, or have a variation submitted to suit each

  • You are not allowed to make body-mods
    The general definition of body-mods is any modification of the body that needs an opacity mask in order to fulfil its purpose. You are however still allowed to make items for already existing mods as long as you include the mods name in your item name as well as recolouring existing ones with permission from the original creator. Check out the bodymod masterlist HERE!

    Add-on ears, chest/breast modifications and shading and so on are not body-mods, however these will still need to be available for both bases and in all base skin-tones. 

  • Avoid making fake body-mods too similar to already existing body-mods - we encourage you to instead design for the mod. 

  • You are not allowed to design for other fake body-mods
  • At least 50% of the item of a fake mod has to be covered by clothing / other wearables. Some good examples: 





  • All hairs have to be usable with the Plus-size as well as the Minus-size

    This means that you most likely will need to split long hairs into a for-ground and a back-ground of the hair.

  • You can only re-color the base if it makes sense to include in your submission

    As mentioned above you are not allowed to just recolor the base and submit that standing alone, it will have to be included in a set where it makes sense. We unfortunately receive a lot of submissions everyday where users submit already existing skins but recolored or with a pattern overlay and since we have so many skins already we encourage creators to look into making faces for them before starting their own. If you make a fantasy skin, you will have to also include a variant of the skin in all the 6 base-tones.

    • Recolors of the base-skin have to come in both Plus-size as well as Minus-size

      You are allowed to re-color each of the bases as long as you do it for both the plus-size and minus-size base (as long as this makes sense to the nature of each base of course). These do also have to be priced as 1SD/1 Star. If you wish to add additional shading / details to the base skin you will have to submit these as separate items, not merged with the base-skin itself.


  • Full backgrounds and stand-alone overlays are not allowed

    Full backgrounds are a starpass feature and should not be found in the shop. You may split up the background into separate pieces but we only approve a background if it makes sense to the submission. Submissions containing only a landscape background split into pieces will in most cases be denied. In certain cases we however do allow background item only sets.

  • Small single items will not be approved by themselves:

    Items such as jewlery, tattooes, piercings, makeup and other will have to be a part of a set or in a submission containing at least 5 other items in order to be approved.
  • Cultural and religious items are not to be submitted for Stars

    We would like items of this nature to be available and easily accessible for everyone. We also do not allow anyone to profit off religious / cultural items, this includes but is not limited to: religious symbols, cultural clothing and so on, however we are always willing to commission and pay Creators to make cultural representative items for our community, so if you have any ideas/requests please contact @CreatorSupport.