Been away from Everskies for a while? If you are missing all of your items, Stars, and Stardust and you last played Everskies before or during December of 2020, you were playing Everskies during the Beta testing phase.

Once Everskies launched out of the Beta testing phase in January of 2021, all items and currencies were removed from the accounts of Everskies users. If you played Everskies during the Beta phase and your items were removed in this way, you may notice that your post-count and your levels were not removed and that you have 10,000 Stardust.

Since you played Everskies during the Beta phase you were granted a Beta-tester shirt in your wardrobe as a thanks for testing Everskies.

It was very clearly stated in the sign-up process and everytime users purchased from the shop that we eventually did have to wipe currency and items, as the Beta testing phase of Everskies made it easy to obtain items and currency for testing purposes.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with these items or currencies since Everskies is fully out of Beta and since the Beta wipe was server-wide. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!