The Pronoun Bar is to be used for only three things:

  • Your pronouns

  • Your gender, if you'd like to specify (optional)

  • Your age (optional)

Emojis, fonts, decorative symbols, race, religion, ethnicity, and anything that is not your pronouns, gender, or age is NOT allowed in the pronoun bar. These other things can be put in your status, profile, or signature.

We ask that you put "age:" in front of your age, as we have noticed some of our users have number pronouns as well, and this will help with any confusion.

Users may not harass other users about having a blank pronoun box. It is alright to ask or encourage other users to use this feature, as long as the user in question is not being asked to do so more than once.

Users are allowed to use the 🔶 symbol in their pronouns to indicate that their preferred pronouns are not safe for them in real life.

Users are allowed to put "Questioning" and "Uncertain" in their pronouns if unsure.